Hans Hass Archiv

Hans Hass Award

Awarded in Recognition of Contribution Made to the Advancement of Our Knowledge of the Ocean


The Hans Hass Award was founded in 2002 by California-based diving historian Leslie Leaney. Working with Professor Hass as his North American representative, Leaney established the criteria, guidelines, committee composition and design of the award. The criteria for nomination involve honoring individuals or organisations who, in the spirit of Professor Hass’ pioneering work in the fields of underwater science, technology, arts and literature, have excelled at an international level in any of those fields. From 2013 to 2022 the Award was sponsored by the Swiss company Blancpain, the oldest watch manufacturer in the world, and named Hans Hass "Fifty Fathoms" Award.

The award is not endowed. A plaque shows an image of Hans Hass wearing an oxygen rebreather during his solo 1949 Red Sea expedition.



Previous Recipients



Victor Vescovo (USA) and Patrick Lahey (USA),  deep diving submersible and exploration



not given owing to the global coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic



Professor Dr. Franz Brümmer (GERMANY), marine scientist & President of Verband Deutscher Sporttaucher (VDST)



Howard and Michele Hall (USA), natural history film producers specialised in marine wildlife and marine conservation films



Professor Weicheng Cui and the Chinese State Oceanic Administration (CHINA), deep ocean submersible and deep ocean technology



Laurent Ballesta (FRANCE), technical diver and film maker



Sylvia Earle (USA), marine scientist



Bev Morgan (USA), international diving equipment manufacturer

Sir David Frederick Attenborough (England), broadcaster, biologist, natural historian and author



Stan Waterman (USA), underwater film and photography



Daniel Mercier (FRANCE), Underwater Film and Photography Festival organizer



James Cameron (USA), (Diver and) international filmmaker and adventurer



Ernie Brooks II (USA), Underwater photographer and educator